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Retaining Walls in Melbourne

Melbourne Retaining Walls

Pendragon Masonry can provide a range of retaining walls to suit any size from a garden edge to significant heights. Our expert installers provide everything from timber to concrete retaining walls, working with you to select the best option to suit your style and design requirements.

We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest trends so you can choose modern colours, shapes, textures, heights, sizes, and finishes to suit your project. With Pendragon Masonry retaining wall specialists Melbourne gets;

  • Professional service with attention to detail
  • All of the necessary tools and implements required
  • Fast and cost-efficient service
  • Visually pleasing results
  • Concrete, stone and timber retaining walls

Retaining Wall Specialist Melbourne

Your experts in retaining walls

Retaining walls have been used in garden landscaping for centuries. Designed to prevent soil erosion, create space, separate a gardens into different levels and divert water, retaining walls can be both functional and attractive and have many applications. On sloping ground, retaining walls may be an essential part of the construction process of a house or landscaping project. Combining practicality and function with style and design, Pendragon Masonry have been constructing retaining walls for landscaping for over decades. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with functional and beautiful outdoor projects, including retaining walls, that integrate perfectly and give them maximum use from their home & garden.

The Retaining Walls Melbourne has loved for years!

The Pendragon Masonry range of services provide the refinement and development of your garden and outdoor spaces and a retaining wall can be a significant part of your design and aesthetic.

We can supply and build a wide variety of retaining walls and systems from natural and reconstituted sandstone and limestone to various supplies for retaining walls of all heights, designs, and systems.

Pendragon Masonry’s outstanding customer service and a team of fully qualified garden professionals will ensure that your retaining wall is durable, safe and above all, picturesque. Get in contact with us for a competitive quote, or even just to ask some questions and run some ideas past us. We'll be happy to hear your vision, ensure it is possible and even make some handy suggestions to help get the best results.

A retaining wall is a rigid wall that's used to support the soil above and behind it and stop it falling down; literally ‘retaining’ it, so it creates different levels. Walls can vary from small landscape stone walls in a garden, to huge municipal engineering projects. A retaining wall is different to a garden wall is it's intended to keep a hill, slope or earth in place rather than simply separate blocks of land.

There are a number of factors that will influence the cost of your retaining wall, the major ones being materials used, the size and scale of the wall, the height and design and excavation and drainage requirements. Treated hardwood, concrete, brick or stone, while costing more to install, will last much longer and need less maintenance. If your retaining wall project needs council approval and structural diagrams this will also add to the cost as will drainage and excavation costs. A retaining wall construction specialist will be able to itemise your quote and quote you on a cost per square metre basis.

There are two factors that determine how high your retaining wall can be. The first is the height restrictions set by your council and the second is the physical restrictions of the material you use, such as timber or concrete sleepers. Many landscaping projects requiring retaining walls will be because the property sits on a sloping block, so in some instances more than one retaining wall will be needed to ‘step’ the ground from the highest side to the lowest side.

Apart from ensuring an amazing job, you will have complete peace of mind that the construction and structure of your retaining wall are secure when working with the pros. Ensure a great final result and benefit from the other services a professional supplier will provide for a complete overhaul of your front or back garden.

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions. contact us via

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As a company, we have accumulated decades of experience in the stonemasonry industry. Pendragon Masonry is owned and operated by experienced, professional Melbourne Stone Masons with a reputation for skill, talent, and a keen eye for detail. When you need stone masonry that lasts, choose our team at Pendragon Masonry for the job. Call Pendragon Masonry today on 0401 793 135.

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