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Stonemasons in Melbourne

Stonemasons in Melbourne

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At Pendragon Masonry, we're experts in all aspects of stonemasonry from paving and flagging to carving sandstone. Our professional team of stonemasons in Melbourne will utilise our creative workmanship to complete your projects. We specialise in residential developments such as front gates and pool surroundings, as well as heritage restoration and re-pointing. The next time you need a team of stonemasons in Melbourne for your home, choose our trusted services.

There is a range of reasons as to why you should choose our team at Pendragon Masonry for your next stone mason service, including:

  • Credited stonemason near the Dandenong ranges.
  • Highly experienced stone specialists
  • 100% Australian owned & operated
  • Fully insured and licensed -Free online estimator to get you started
  • High-quality workmanship from all our stonemasons
  • Superb finishes on all projects

Stonemasons Specialist in Melbourne

Local Stonemasons in Melbourne

Few other products add natural beauty to your home or project quite like quality sandstone. It is a natural resource which has ageless qualities and appeal. We offer a complete range of services to Melbourne customers using new or second hand stone. If you are looking for a hardworking honest tradesman, who always leaves the work site clean/clear of rubbish and a job well done, please contact us to discuss your next job or project.

Highest Quality Workmanship!

At Pendragon Masonry, we are fully equipped with samples and technical information to ensure that our services exceed your expectations. Our experienced project consultants and field sales personnel are happy to help and advise you through all stages of the project – from concept to completion. We guarantee high-quality results and sandstone masonry that is designed to last. When you need the best stonemason for the job, choose us at Pendragon Masonry.

We have an extensive team of professionals that specialise in sandstone masonry. Sandstone is a perfect material for construction as it is highly durable and strong – therefore, making it a great choice for areas of the house such as stairways, fireplaces, and garden edges.

We’re experts in shaping and forming sandstone into pieces of art or functional areas in your property. For more information on sandstone and how we utilise sandstone masonry to achieve successful outcomes, contact us today.

The best method is to use warm water and gently wipe down any spills immediately. If necessary, you can usually use neutral detergents which will help break down touch stains or spills. However, make sure you do not use scourers or any type of abrasive cloth, this will scratch your stone and ruin its appearance.

Definitely. Aside from the appearance, granite and marble have a number of differences. Granite is a tougher, more durable stone, making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen. Marble is a softer, more brittle stone, making it ideal for low traffic areas where its less likely to be damaged.

Absolutely. We’re experts in providing custom-designed and made stoneworks. If you have an idea or design in mind, come down or email in your ideas and we’ll go over them. If you haven’t got anything planned, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and design something that will blow you away.

It is not recommended to use engineered stone outside and doing so could void your manufacturer's warranty. Consult with our experienced stonemasons for individual product manufacturer's instructions. Several types of natural stone can be used outside depending on the location and application.

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions. contact us via

Masonry Specialist in Melbourne

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As a company, we have accumulated decades of experience in the stonemasonry industry. Pendragon Masonry is owned and operated by experienced, professional Melbourne Stone Masons with a reputation for skill, talent, and a keen eye for detail. When you need stone masonry that lasts, choose our team at Pendragon Masonry for the job. Call Pendragon Masonry today on 0401 793 135.

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